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Ed Plank Ed Plank came kicking and screaming into life in 1952, arriving on the 9th of April. He was born in the USA and grew up in Chicago. Ed hit it big on Wednesday 6th September 1978 when he made his major league debut. By 22nd September 1979 he'd finished with baseball, that being the date of his final game. See full details
Eddie Plank Eddie Plank came into this world in 1875, arriving on the 31st of August. He hails from the USA and grew up in Gettysburg. His friends always called him Gettysburg Eddie. He made his major league debut on Monday 13th May 1901. Eddie was out of baseball by 6th August 1917 - the date of his final game. He passed away on 24th February 1926. See full details
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